Understanding Deep vs Shallow Copying in JavaScript

Richard Oliver Bray
3 min readJul 31, 2023
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JavaScript, like most programming languages, has mechanisms for creating duplicate values or copying information. In this article we’re going to look at two key ways of making JavaScript copies: Deep and Shallow copying.

Copying a variable with a primitive data type like a string or number is fairly straight forward, but it can get a bit complex when it comes to copying iterable objects.

What’s an Iterable Object?

An iterable object is simply anything in JavaScript that can be looped through — objects and arrays are both iterable.

Technically an array in javascript has a datatype of object but we won’t go there in this article.

Here’s an example of a JavaScript object we’ll work with:

const person = {
name: "Jacob Khan",
age: 23,
address: {
street: "123 Main Street",
city: "New York",
state: "NY",

Shallow Copying

If we wanted to use the spread operator (...) to copy our person object. The syntax might look like this:👆

const copiedPerson = { ...person };

Pretty easy, right? Now let’s do some editing. Changing the age property on our copied object won't affect our original person data:

copiedPerson.age = 33;

Nice! But what if we change the state inside the address property?

copiedPerson.address.state = "CA";

Oops! If you check the original person object, you'll find that the state has also updated in the original object.

Original person object now has state of CA instead of NY

This is because the spread operator makes a shallow copy of the object, only going one level deep. For nested properties or elements, it merely copies the reference, not the actual nested objects.

The Solution: Deep Copying

Deep copying, as the name suggests, copies an object more thoroughly. It replicates not just the top-level properties, but also duplicates all the lower, nested…



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